A Message From Joe

ok, ok, ok...I will make a comment: I have been run over by comments and questions about how I feel about the new "Pig" in town!

To be honest, I agree with a lot of the comments that have been posted on the Livingston Daily Facebook Page on this story. I am also humbled by the positive comments for 2FOG's Pub. Thank you all so much!

We all know that Adam and his "group" have the right to do whatever, wherever. My plan is to continue to be creative in what we do. We are proud of Heart of Howell and very proud of 2FOG's Pub. In the last year, we have introduced many new things to Howell, creating many firsts for us and the community, and our plan is to continue to do so.

Our Family is very supportive of our hometown and we  appreciate the support we already have and know we will continue to get from the citizens of Howell and the surrounding communities.

Howell, like any city, needs variety and diversification. Without that there is no real growth and definitely no sustainable growth.

I hope the best for any and all businesses that come to, or are already in Howell, especially ones unique in their own way!

Now that I have said that, let's continue to move forward to more interesting things and talk about our upcoming EXPANSION,  EVENTS and DRINKS!!!!

Joe Parker

2FOG's Pub

2FOG's Pub opened in March 2015 and is located in the basement of the Heart of Howell building in historical downtown Howell, MI. Since then, they have been serving small plates with the freshest ingredients, classic cocktails, martinis and Michigan craft beers all while venturing into new territory.

We wanted to bring a new dynamic to downtown Howell. With a prohibition era feel, 2FOG's Pub is destination location with a distinctive speakeasy-type atmosphere.