The Official Whiskey Taste Tester of 2Fog's Pub

When it comes to whiskey, Joe Parker knows a thing or two. He has spent countless nights committed to drinking- I mean studying what makes a good whiskey. Now his hard work and dedication to the craft is finally being recognized. Joe recently traveled to Ireland to further his knowledge and "love" for good Irish Whiskeys. On May 6, 2015 Joe Parker became a certified Jameson Whiskey Taster, proving his palate is just as refined as the whiskey.

Joe's only direct quote pertaining to the certification was.........

" I did this for my customers, not for myself! A cross I must bear."

2FOG's Pub

2FOG's Pub opened in March 2015 and is located in the basement of the Heart of Howell building in historical downtown Howell, MI. Since then, they have been serving small plates with the freshest ingredients, classic cocktails, martinis and Michigan craft beers all while venturing into new territory.

We wanted to bring a new dynamic to downtown Howell. With a prohibition era feel, 2FOG's Pub is destination location with a distinctive speakeasy-type atmosphere.