Message From Joe

It has been brought to my attention. That one of 2FOG's Pub's employees recently visited Mr "B"'s for dinner. After his visit he posted his feelings about his meal. I don't know if his post was in fact what he experienced at Mr. "B"'s. I cannot control the personal life or actions of an employee. Our GM spoke with this individual and he removed his post prior to me even knowing about it.

Howell is a town that does not need this type of drama. Actually no place needs this stuff. I will not support negative attitudes or actions by my employees as it pertains to those working in the same industry. Nor will these kind of comments or actions be tied to 2FOG's and it's ownership. My Family is above this. We work to share a positive view and actions to grow Howell as a whole.

I have personally sent an apology to Mr. Merkel. I wish him, his family and investors success.

- Joe Parker

2FOG's Pub

2FOG's Pub opened in March 2015 and is located in the basement of the Heart of Howell building in historical downtown Howell, MI. Since then, they have been serving small plates with the freshest ingredients, classic cocktails, martinis and Michigan craft beers all while venturing into new territory.

We wanted to bring a new dynamic to downtown Howell. With a prohibition era feel, 2FOG's Pub is destination location with a distinctive speakeasy-type atmosphere.